Connecting Doctors to Patients using Facebook ads

For doctors offices, it’s not enough to just set up a Facebook page and share posts. While that does establish your presence online, it doesn’t truly help you reach new patients and present your skills out to the general public.That’s where we come in to help you reach the clients that need your services the most. We’ll be taking a look at a medical client’s results from 2019 on ads we ran for them, and what the results were.

THE SITUATION: Client owns a Plastic Surgery business that constantly sees a great deal of returning customers, however their new customer demographic was slowly declining over the years. The clinic had worked with a 3rd party marketing agency that handled posting on social media and taking photos and videos of customer work, but they saw little growth in their investment. The clinic explained to our agency they were looking to increase their awareness to new potential customers and we heard them loud and clear

SOLUTION: Revenue Valve used Facebook/Instagram ads to target people within a 75 mile radius of clients’ locations looking for plastic surgery to be done within 6 months to a year. The ads capitalized on our clients strong points which were his testimonials, and people interested were moved to message the client through messenger. From there office staff setup phone appointments and converted leads via chat/call.


THE RESULT: Within the 1st month we had generated well over 100 leads for the client and within 4 months over 600, clients had paused our campaign due to being overbooked and needing to adjust for the large influx of customers.